Factory Service

Factory Service

In the manufacturing process you will go through several stages in the manufacturing process in accordance with the SOP that we have, in order to produce products of good quality and of international standards. By having complete facilities and supported by professional workers, we have served many customers from various countries, and we always guarantee our customer satisfaction.

Pattern Maker

Bali garment tailor can also make the same patterns as other garment manufacturers, but in Bali garment tailor the pattern making is supported by digital technology and skilled workers in their fields, they work carefully and in detail so that the resulting pattern is neater, accurate and of high quality compared to the manual pattern.

Design Mockup

In manufacturing and design, a mockup, or mock-up, is a scale or full-size model of a design or device, used for teaching, demonstration, design evaluation, promotion, and other purposes. A mockup may be a prototype if it provides at least part of the functionality of a system and enables testing of a design. Mock-ups are used by designers mainly to acquire feedback from users.

Mockup Pattern

After seeing the mockup design, the next step is to digitally process the pattern, this process is carried out to produce clothes that match the design. This process is very important because it determines whether the clothes are good or not when used. This is done by the pattern maker team very carefully and thoroughly in determining the position of the points and body lines that will produce an accurate pattern.

Grading Size

Size grading is done to produce the right and accurate size based on existing standard patterns. One pattern and one clothing design can be used for many sizes making it easier and faster to work. The size of the clothing pattern that has gone through the computer digital grading stage is stated in sizes S, M, L and XL or can be added to a larger size.

Design Marker

The design marker process is a process carried out to determine fabric consumption, the direction of the fabric fiber, and to facilitate the fabric cutting process. Where this process can tell how much fabric is needed for production and reduce wasted material.

Print Marker

After the pattern and markers are finished, the last step is to print the pattern with a plotter machine. The printed pattern will be large and match the width of the fabric. This process will make it easier for the cutting team to cut the fabric during production.

3D Pattern Maker

Making patterns with digital techniques is indeed very easy and has higher accuracy, but with 3D patterns we can immediately see how clothes look like when used on the body.


The cutting process is carried out carefully and uses a digital pattern to determine the precision in cutting. The cutting process is also carried out with modern technology, namely with a cutting machine, so the resulting cut is neat and accurate.

Cutting Manual

The manual cutting process is the process of cutting the fabric one by one following the existing pattern. This cutting process is done by pasting the pattern that has been formed or has been cut on the fabric that has been widened, then the cutting team can cut one by one.

Cutting with marker

The Cutting with marker process is the process of cutting a large amount of fabric where the fabric is stretched and stacked according to the amount of production, then a marker pattern is placed at the top of the pile after which the cutting team can cut the fabric at once without breaking the pattern. This process is carried out on large orders to save time and reduce wasted fabric.

Automatic Bis Cutting Machine

Best bus cutting machine in its class. With a 45 Degree cutting technique, this machine is able to produce perfect pieces of material at high speeds.This cutting machine can cut various types of materials, for example: Cut Fabric Mask Materials, Lycra, Knit, Woven, Denim, Jersey, Oscar, etc.

Long Cutting Table

A cutting table with a length of 7 meters is very helpful in cutting large quantities of fabric, and makes the cutting process faster and time efficient.


Bali garment tailor has two types of screen printing, namely polyflex and DTF (Direct Transfer Film).

  • Polyflex is a screen printing techniques that use stickers or vinyl-like material that is pressed wear heat press machine. Polyflex Sablon has many types of Polyflex and colors vary.
  • Direct Transfer Film (DTF) is a new digital screen printing technique by directly printing using special ink to print full color and underbase white on films made of PET plastic with a coating layer, then sprinkled with glue powder (Adhehive Powder Holt Melt) In the next step, the ink layer that has been fused with the glue is melted until it reaches the melting point so that it combines to form a colored flexible rubber layer that is ready to be pressed onto media made of cloth, leather or other heat-resistant media. ideal press temperature at a temperature of 150 – 160 degrees Celsius for 10 seconds (2 times press, first press then let cool, remove the plastic layer then press finishing 5-10 seconds). Applications can print logos with small details as well as print up to A3.


Polyflex materials must use a cutting machine, while the shape and size can be adjusted as needed. After going through the cutting process, the next step is peel, which is the process of removing unused polyflex layers when the cutting process is complete. The third process is press, which is the process of pressing screen printing using a heat press machine. Polyflex screen printing has a more durable color result than other screen printing techniques. Because it does not use ink, it minimizes the risk of fading or fading quickly after washing many times. In terms of printing results, it is more precise and neat because the cutting process uses a machine.


DTF screen printing or so you can directly print the design results you want according to the image. This is a new digital screen printing technique by directly printing using special ink to print full color and underbase white prints on a film made of PET plastic with a coating layer, then sprinkled with glue powder (Adhehive Powder Holt Melt), the next step is the ink coating that is applied. already fused with the glue is melted until it reaches the melting point (melting point) so that it combines to form a kind of colored flexible rubber layer that is ready to be pressed. The advantage of this DTF screen printing technique is that it can print image designs that have as small and intricate details as any.

Print Fabric

Digital textile printing is an ink jet based dye printing process that is printed on fabric. You only need to have a design in the form of a computer file, then the design will be printed using a special printer for fabric materials. Textile digital printing technology that is applied to print fabric motifs which can determine the image or motif that is designed by yourself. Basically it can be done in two ways, namely by direct method or by printing transfer paper. Where the transfer paper printing process is usually carried out to print fabrics on media that do not allow direct printing.


The sewing process is carried out by experienced tailors, everything is done in detail and neatly. besides that the machine used is also complete and can make all kinds of stitches.

Rolled Hem Machine / Neci

This folds the edge of the fabric under, then wraps it with yarn. This seam looks very "full". Machine rolled hem / Neci is usually used to finish silk fabric edges, finish chiffon or tulle fabric ends, Finish ruffle ends. This is a great way to finish the edges of a single layer of fabric. The goal is to stop the commotion. It is not used to make stitches. This machine works best on light fabrics.

3 needle overdeck machine

A special 3-needle overdeck machine used for sewing denim, corduroy, and making boardshorts made from microfiber fabrics or commonly used for sewing thick materials. Usually the 3-needle overdeck stitch is found at the crotch or the left and right sides of denim pants.

Buttonhole machine

This machine is used to make fringe stitches on buttonholes. So that the buttonhole that has been torn does not tear or extend everywhere, the stitches on the edge of the buttonhole provide a barrier for the button itself. The buttonhole machine will help you punch the buttonholes in the right places. A machine-made buttonhole is usually sewn with two parallel rows of machine sewing in a narrow zig-zag stitch, with the ends finished in a bar tack created using a broader zig-zag stitch.

High speed sewing machine

For sewing clothes at high speed, it is usually used to produce clothes in large quantities and it is hoped that the work will be completed faster with stronger and neater stitches. The function of the sewing machine is to combine parts of clothes so that they become the clothes you want. In addition to sewing clothes, sewing machines can also be used to make other products.

Special overdeck machine for making activewear and swimwear

Overdeck sewing machine is useful for sewing the edge or hem of activewear clothes, this machine is commonly used to make leggings, sport bras, t-shirts, and swimwear. Usually overdeck stitches are found on the cuffs and the bottom of the shirt. In addition, the overdeck machine is also used to make trim on training and sports clothes and can also be used to sew inner collars.

Zigzag sewing machine

Zigzag sewing machine is a machine that is devoted to connecting two materials. This machine is used to sew zigzag stitches where the needle at the top will move right and left with the fabric moving forward. The zigzag stitch is usually used for swimwear or is used simply as a variation detail on clothing.

Binding sewing machine

Binding is most commonly found in sport bra straps, to encase the raw edges of the quilt sandwich and keep the fabric from fraying. However, this type of trim can be used in any sewing project where there are raw, exposed fabric edges (to enclose those edges and keep them from showing or fraying). Binding can be cut on the straight grain or on bias. This will depend on the shape you would like to bind.

Special overdeck machine for making leggings

The overdeck stitch is generally used in the manufacture of leggings where this stitch is used to smooth the shape of the garment. This stitch is always applied to the bottom of the leggings or at the waist so that the seam is protected and does not come off easily. Overdeck stitches can be applied based on the desired leggings design.

Special sewing machine for making t-shirt

This machine uses two needles to produce two rows of chain stitches that are firm and elastic, suitable for both regular and decorative stitches. In t-shirt products, we often find the results of this two-line stitch on the upper shoulder of the shirt and the part that connects the collar to the sleeve of the shirt. The advantage of using this chain sewing machine is not only strong but also very neat. This is what makes the chain sewing machine superior in the production of t-shirts.

Overlock machine

Overlock machine is an electric sewing machine that is commonly used to make stitches on the edges of clothing so that the fabric or material does not break down easily so that the clothes are more durable and look neater. This overlock machine is equipped with a fabric cutting knife, so it can produce neat stitches on the edges.

Double needle sewing machine

This double needle sewing machine is usually needed to sew pants, shirts, and hat in the form of a double stitch. The function of the needle machine 2 is used to strengthen the stitches and to further enhance the appearance of the stitches, because the stitch patterns are neat and parallel between one stitch and another.

12 needle sewing machine

12 needle sewing machine is commonly used to make waistband for basic pants, jogger pants, boardshorts, or other pants made of thick material, that it is also used for binding strip sewing, shirring fabric or smocking and sewing with elastic thread. This stitch is useful for giving the effect of wrinkles on clothes and besides this elastic thread can give an effect where when worn it will follow the shape of the body perfectly.

Special overdeck machine for rash guards and leggings

A special overdeck machine for rash guards and leggings, this machine is used when you want to sew the edges on the sleeves of the rash guard and to sew the seams on the edges or ends of leggings. This stitch serves to smooth the ends of the fabric on clothes and make clothes durable and neat

Button fitting machine

The function of the button fitting machine is to install the buttons correctly, this machine produces faster results than installing buttons by hand.

Quality Control

In the Quality Control process must be carried out in great detail, from checking the completeness and quality of the product. Before the product is sent to the customer, it must go through this process so that the product sent is in complete and perfect condition and we provide a guarantee if there is a product that is rejected.

Sewing Check

Sewing check is the process of checking the details of the stitches where before the product is given to the customer we will make sure all the stitches are neat and in accordance with the customer's request.

Measurement check

Measurement check is a process where the quality control team will check the size of the finished product, start checking the length, width, and measure the details contained in the product, so that everything is in accordance with customer requests.

Quantity check

Quantity check is a process where the finished product is recalculated and confirmed according to the quantity in the order list. we will make sure everything is complete before giving it to the customer.

Stain check

the stain checking process where the quality control team will check the products one by one to avoid products that have stains. If there is a stain, our quality control team will try to remove the stain and make sure it looks clean.


The product packaging process is carried out after all stages are completed and it is ensured that all products are in accordance with the order. Products that have passed when checked for completeness, will be wrapped one by one and put in a box. Packing is done so that the quality of the product is maintained when it is sent to the customer.


We are Bali garment tailors who serve customers from various countries and we do shipping worldwide, of course we can help you in the shipping process. if you want to ship products overseas we can help using DHL and FedEx, and if shipping within the country you can use local delivery services.

Local Shipping

Local shipping is a shipping option that customers can choose where this delivery can only be used for domestic shipments.

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide shipping is a shipping option that can be selected by the customer where this shipping can only be used for international shipping (worldwide). You can choose a shipping service based on your needs. If the shipment is in very large quantities, you can use Lima Jari Cargo which is shipping by sea, while if the shipment is not too large, you can use DHL, FedEx, and EMS air shipping services.