Made Darma Putra

CEO / Owner

Nyoman Indra Yasa

General Manager

Putu Ayu Setya Ningsih




Sample making team and sewing production team

The team responsible for creating samples possesses ample experience in sewing diverse types of samples while employing a variety of techniques and details to cater to the individual design requirements of our clients. On the other hand, the sewing production team comprises skilled professionals who possess considerable expertise in sewing various types of clothing, including swimwear, activewear, and resort wear. They prioritize the production of seamless, high-quality garments and are committed to delivering orders on schedule.

Pattern Team

To attain utmost efficiency in pattern design, marker creation, and size grading for production, we utilize advanced software that harnesses the power of digital technology. Our team of experts, possessing extensive skills and experience in their respective domains, is responsible for carrying out these tasks.

Content Creator Team

Our team comprises professionals with diverse skill sets, including writers, videographers, photographers, editors, social media managers, graphic designers, and other specialists. Each team member contributes their unique expertise to produce premium content that aligns with our team's objectives and goals.To commence the content creation process, the team convenes a brainstorming session where they deliberate on topics, themes, and formats for their content. The team then proceeds to develop a content calendar that delineates the production timeline and delivery schedule for each piece of content, ensuring smooth and timely delivery.

Admin Production

The administrative department is responsible for verifying that the quantity of product units received from the cutting team is consistent with the corresponding order. Following the completion of the sewing process, the products are handed over to the sewing team for further processing. Subsequently, the quality control team assumes responsibility for the products to ensure they meet the requisite standards before dispatch. Additionally, the administrative department is responsible for providing necessary accessories, labels, threads, and other materials according to customer orders.

Quality control

The quality control team is accountable for ensuring the precision and accuracy of large-scale production and customer-approved samples with regards to critical parameters, including size, product specifications, accompanying accessories in compliance with the authorized samples, quantity, product quality, and packaging.

Design division

Our team comprises proficient designers with expertise in 3D fashion design and the creation of comprehensive diagrams for size guide specifications. We provide our clients with the opportunity to design and develop customized features for their products, such as personalized logos, custom inside labels, and exclusive fabric or digital prints/screen printing. We aim to deliver a bespoke experience to our clients, catering to their individual needs and preferences.

Printing Team

Our garment has a specialized print team that is responsible for the printing of various logos, branding elements, and inside labels using a range of screen printing methods, including polyflex and DTF printing, they possess the expertise to produce high-quality, custom printed materials with logos and branding that meet your organization's specific requirements.

Maintenance Technician

The company employs maintenance technicians who are tasked with the responsibility of repairing production machinery. Currently, they are engaged in the development of a machine that facilitates the quality assessment of materials, specifically for detecting and verifying the presence of rijek stains, holes, fibers, stripes, and other related imperfections. This process is crucial to ensure that the fabric is suitable for use in the production process

Warehouse staff

Our organization employs warehouse personnel who are responsible for the meticulous storage and accurate documentation of all fabrics received from our clients.

Cutting Team

Our team of cutters possesses extensive expertise in the field of cutting. They are highly skilled in ensuring that the cuts are of exceptional quality, with a precise and neat finish. They possess extensive experience in cutting a variety of materials, including swimwear, activewear, and resortwear products.


Our customer service department is committed to delivering tailored information services to our clients based on their specific needs, including but not limited to material options, minimum order quantities, pricing information, and product specifications. Our aim is to provide exceptional customer satisfaction by ensuring that clients receive comprehensive and customized support throughout their interactions with us.